The Damask Story

Picture the scene...

Picture the scene: A bustling, messy kitchen, mom and kids hard at work. The timer was signaling that something was done baking, although exactly what that was, Denisse Horan and her two young children had no idea. Most of the cake batter was still on the counter and spilled on the floor. All this chaos just to bake a chocolate cake from scratch on Father’s Day.

Baking a cake for a special day seemed to be a straightforward task. But the Horan family never realized how precise and difficult it was to bake a cake from scratch. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong that day. The instructions seemed endless. Tristan accidentally whisked in the sugar before the milk and butter mixture reached room temperature. Arianne added too much flour into the mixing bowl. Denisse helplessly tried to “fold” a batter mixture that was rapidly beginning to resemble concrete. The result? A two-tier cake with melting frosting and decorations that somehow read, “Nappy Fat Day.” Despite it all, Chris Horan absolutely loved that cake.

Years later, our family still talks about that misguided attempt to bake a cake. Sure, the result wasn’t what we hoped, but we did make a lot of memories. And therein lies the magic of it all. We are not a family of bakers, but we still shared in the joy of baking together. Looking back, we realized there had to be a better way. A way to enjoy the fun of baking and the satisfaction of creating something we’d be proud to share. Damask was born.

Denisse partnered with a team of pastry chefs to create pre-measured baking kits that are not only delicious but also foolproof. Her mission is to make sure that everyone can unlock the true joy of baking from scratch. Because when someone else takes care of all the stressful shopping, measuring, and second-guessing, what you’re left with is a moment worth celebrating. You made it. And that’s what matters.