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Our scratch baking kits make baking classic cakes easy. These are perfect for a birthday, wedding, graduation, or any time you're just craving that perfect sweet treat. These inventive, fun, and delicious cakes are sure to be the highlight of any occasion! Nothing beats a freshly baked cake, and our kits make baking classic cakes a breeze. That gives you more time to enjoy the tasty results. We've also got a complete line of gluten free cakes. Order your cake kit today!

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Delicious and Fresh Classic Cakes are the Best Treat

Baking your own cake that tastes amazing is a fun treat for you and those around you. It's so fresh, and it feels good when you've put in the effort to do it yourself. But sometimes life gets in the way. We've all bought a birthday cake mix from the supermarket, and if we were lucky it was of middling quality. But that's no replacement for a real cake baked from scratch. Our baking kits make it easy for you to make fresh classic cakes at home. No advanced skills are required. Just follow our step-by-step recipes and you'll be enjoying a delicious cake in no time.

At Damask Cakes, our baking kits are different. We only use the best ingredients that have been sourced from a worldwide network of suppliers. And it's not just taste that we care about. Our ingredients are ethically sourced. We work with suppliers who have commitments to sustainable environmental practices and fair treatment of their farmers and employees. When you make one of our baking kits, you can feel good that you're eating a delicious cake that's made from ingredients that were sourced the right way.

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