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Classic Cupcakes from Damask Cakes

Our classic cupcakes are the perfect treat for any occasion. They're ideal for a birthday, wedding, graduation, and for when you're craving that perfect sweet treat. These inventive, fun, and delicious cupcakes are sure to be the highlight of any occasion! Top off our classic cupcakes with one of our indulgent buttercream frostings.

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Our Classic Cupcakes Use Only the Best Ingredients

We start with the highest-quality flour, add in the finest sugar, and use pure Madagascar vanilla extract. Our smooth batter produces light and fluffy cupcakes. Just pop a muffin pan full of our batter into the oven, and your delicious cupcakes will be done in no time. They're amazing straight from the oven, and they're also great after they've been frosted. Finish them any way you want. You'll be blown away by their rich flavor and moist consistency. If you're looking for your new favorite cupcake, look no further than our classic cupcakes.

At Damask Cakes, our baking kits are different. We only use the best ingredients that have been sourced from a worldwide network of suppliers. And it's not just taste that we care about. Our ingredients are ethically sourced. We work with suppliers who have commitments to sustainable environmental practices and fair treatment of their farmers and employees. When you make one of our baking kits, you can feel good that you're eating a delicious cupcake that's made from ingredients that were sourced the right way.

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